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Elegant and aerodynamic. 360º.
On top, bottom, or both.

Measuring at 110mm long, 15mm wide and only 11mm high, the AeroFlash FuselageFlasher is extremely elegant and streamlined, made out of a super clear UV-resistant epoxy. Its small size does not say much about its ability: with 16, yes sixteen extremely bright red or white CREE™ LEDs (±7500-8500 Lumen!), the strobe is very well visible at distances up to 3km.

Mount it on top of the fuselage, on the bottom, or BOTH! Connect up to two FuselageFlashers to Nexus. No compromise. Only one small hole of 4mm is required for the cable. Mount it on a wheel door, or on an engine bay door for the least amount impact on the airframe, and maximum visibility.

FuselageFlasher comes together with AeroFlash Fusion (LITE / FLARM):


Fusion – power box – the heart of the FuselageFlasher

Nexus’ little brother, Fusion, is the heart for the control of the FuselageFlasher.

A compact, sturdy aluminium enclosure fits everything FuselageFlasher requires: power supply, data processing and overheat protection. Mount it at your preferred location.

Single-FuselageFlasher Fusion systems are available in three different variants, suitable for every installation:

Fusion – MUST be connected to Nexus – add a CanopyFlasher / Nexus system separately. Can be connected with Flarm only via Nexus.
(This is the standard option when ordering a complete CanopyFlasher + single FuselageFlasher system).

Fusion LITE – stand-alone version, NOT connectable to Flarm or Nexus. Flashes continuously with 3-flashes per 1,5 second.

Fusion FLARM – connectable to Flarm (1x RJ12 IGC port), NOT connectable to Nexus/CanopyFlasher. Switchable enhanced AUTO- or Always-ON logic.

For double-FuselageFlasher systems, see Fusion DUO combo sets here.

Red or white LEDs? Your choice…

Let’s explain the pros and cons:


+ Better visibility of a white glider against a grey/white background. This is the most dangerous situation. Red clearly stands out.

+ Red means danger.

– Slightly less brightness (±7500 lumen) than white LEDs.


+ Slightly better brightness (±8500 lumen) compared to red LEDs.

+ Better visibility against a brown/green background.

– Reduced visibility of a white glider against a grey/white background (in clouds, haziness, snowy terrain, etc).


We recommend RED for bottom mounted FuselageFlashers.

We recommend WHITE for top mounted FuselageFlashers.


Scope of Delivery

1x Fusion device (FLARM, LITE or standard/Nexus-version).
1 meter Red and Blue AWG18 wiring – for power supply of the Fusion.
1x FuselageFlasher, with 3M double sided adhesive foam tape pre-applied (select color).
4 meter pre-attached AWG20 wiring (3 wires: red, red, black) – other lengths available on request.
1x pre-cut 3M Dual Lock adhesive tape for mounting of Fusion.

(in case of Fusion LITE: 1x ACL ON/OFF switch with label/marking is included).
(in case of Fusion FLARM: 1x ACL OFF/AUTO/ON switch with label/marking and a 4-way Flarm Splitter are included).


Data extension cable from Nexus to Fusion, 4m available.
Extra power cable, 18AWG, red and blue available here.

NOT included:
Fuse/circuit breaker, 3A – available from us separately.
Silicone sealant/kit (for weather-proofing the FuselageFlasher).
Additional power cable.
Crimp or soldering tools.
Cable ties.

Power Supply and Data Processing

The power supply for FuselageFlasher.
Built in a sturdy aluminium RF-shielded enclosure.
Overheat protection built-in.
Mount it at your preferred location.
Easy to install. No soldering required.


Easy Connectivity

Easy to connect screw-on terminals to connect the three power wires from FuselageFlasher.
4-pin Molex connector for Nexus control data input.
Easily connect a second FuselageFlasher.
Stand-alone LITE or FLARM versions available.

Additional information

LED quantity


LED color

Red, ±7500 Lumen, White, ±8500 lumen


±7500 lumen, ±8500 lumen

Overheat protection

Yes, limited temperature protection logic (on-ground sensing)

Stand-alone, Flarm, or Nexus connectable?

Stand alone version – Fusion LITE, Connectable to CanopyFlasher + Nexus system (order separately), Connectable to CanopyFlasher + Nexus system (order separately, add 4m Nexus – Fusion data extension cable), FLARM version – Fusion FLARM


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