About AeroFlash

The AeroFlash team was founded in June 2020 by a team of very experienced glider pilots. Currently running the business:

Erwin Vorenhout

Erwin, born in 1996, is a glider enthousiast and is involved in aviation since his early years. He started to fly gliders at the age of 13, made his first solo when he was 14 years old. Currently Erwin’s gliding ambitions range from cross-country flights to flying competition aerobatics. Watch the skies when you see a Fox doing crazy aerobatics; good chance he’s pulling some G’s. Erwin is mainly in charge of software, firmware and customer contact.

AeroFlash Vision

Our motto is: “See and Avoid” starts with being SEEN.

The countless number of times that you receive a Flarm warning and you’re trying to find where is the traffic. The stressful feeling when the Flarm starts screaming… Where is he? I hope he sees me?!

Everyone knows this feeling.

Red markings on the wings? It helps, but it’s not the solution…

AeroFlash CanopyFlasher makes yourself instantly visible for anyone up to 3500m away.

Safety should be affordable for everyone.┬áThat’s why we developed AeroFlash.

The most affordable and effective solution to improve your flight safety. Your friends and family will thank you.

Timeline overview

Start of development CanopyFlasher

June 2020

Start of development FuselageFlasher

September 2020

Start of series production

November 2020

Launch of Fusion DUO (FLARM/LITE)

March 2021

Launch of CanopyFlasher LITE and AeroFlash BASIC

June 2021

Launch of Nexus MINI, Nexus PRO & AeroFlash PLUS

October / November 2021

AeroFlash legalities

Registered address:
Klaproosstraat 24
2951 BL Alblasserdam
The Netherlands

E-mail: info@aeroflash.de

E-mail: erwin.vorenhout@gmail.com

Phone: +31 6 48364603

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